"Ecogeostroy" company, provides water well drilling for water and their arrangement borehole.
Our company produces work in the Moscow, Kaluga, Tula, Tver and Vladimir regions.

The company "Ecogeostroy" consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of drilling water wells
and installation of equipment for water supply, with years of experience. 
The company has its own drilling equipment and production facilities.

"Ecogeostroy" company founded in 1993. 
Over the years we have gained vast experience in the field of drilling, geology and hydrogeology of the Central Region of the Russian Federation.
Areas of activity Ekogeostroy:
1) Drilling of water wells in the Moscow area for individual and group water town houses;
2) Drilling technology wells for mounting the collector heat pump;
3) Installation of automatic water supply;
4) Design and installation of water treatment systems;
5) Installation of septic tanks;
6) On the basis of the existing production lathe and welding shop, repair shop motors MH 250/160;
7) After-sales service of automatic water supply systems;
8) Repair of wells;
9) A set of well logging (telemetry).
10) Servicing industrial wells. 
(Installation, removal and replacement of the pump, replacement of water-lifting pipe)


 borehole borehole
borehole borehole


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